APOLLO PARK LAKE: The bite on small carp remains very good with the eight to nine-inch fish hitting dough baits made from tortillas or nightcrawlers. The bluegill and warmouth bite has continued fair with small baits like meal worms or wax worms fished under a bobber with the bait is close to the bottom. The catfish bite is slow to fair on cut baits, but a few continue to show. For more information, contact Apollo Park at 661-940-7701 or Amaysing Fishing Bait & Tackle at 661-429-5824.

JACKSON LAKE (NEAR WRIGHTWOOD): Good action on tiny bluegill, and the trout action has been pretty good since the DFW trout plant last week, mostly on PowerBait or MiceTails. For updated information, call Amaysing Fishing Bait & Tackle at 661-429-5824.

LAKE PALMDALE: The catfish bite has stayed good here with fish to 13 pounds reported on cut baits, especially the XXX Blood Bait sardines, mackerel, or chicken liver flylined in deeper water areas, but especially where the aqueduct enters (docks 25 and 26) and the main dock. There is also good bass and bluegill action. Most of the bluegill are hand-sized and showing in very good numbers. Both the bass and panfish are also showing on fly-lined nightcrawlers fished near the reeds. There is also a pretty good topwater bass bite early and late in the day. The carp bite is also good on dough baits. There will be a catfish derby July 14 for the biggest three-fish stringer. Call the Palmdale Fin & Feather Club for membership and fishing information at 661-947-2884 or got to www.palmdalefinandfeatherclub.com.

QUAIL LAKE: This is still the hotspot in the Antelope Valley with good action on catfish, stripers, and wide open bluegill fishing, including some fish to two pounds. The big bluegill are showing all along the tule-lined south shoreline on meal worms suspended under a bobber. The striper have been best at the outlet, along the north shore, and at the inlet on ghost shrimp. Catfish are showing in good numbers of fly-lined mackerel hunks at the outlet right by the parking area. Fish to 10-plus pounds reported again this week. The largemouth bass are best around the reeds or points along the north shore on cranks, drop-shot plastics, or nightcrawlers. For updated information, call Amaysing Fishing Bait & Tackle at 661-429-5824.

CALIFORNIA AQUEDUCT (Little Rock to Quail Lake stretch): The catfish bite has been fair to good throughout this stretch of the aqueduct. The striped bass bite is also improved with fair to good action. The best action is still early and late in the day. There is a lot of floating vegetation, but the bite still good. Top spots on the east side of the valley are 72nd, 120th, Pearblossom, and 248 East access spots, while the best spots on the west side of the valley are still 110th, 195th, 260th (above ground tunnels), and 280th West. A few stripers are showing on cut baits or for anglers walking planer boards with shad-like lures. Some bluegill are also showing in the sand traps. For updated information, call Amaysing Fishing Bait & Tackle at 661-429-5824.

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