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INTRODUCING the NEW Lip RipperZ Hatchery Dust!!

EVER WISH you could fish with REAL Trout Hatchery Food?? NOW YOU CAN!! Just “Roll Your Dough” and turn ANY Dough Bait into a ‘fishable’ HATCHERY PELLET. Get ready to dust your competition with the all NEW Lip RipperZ HATCHERY DUST!! Makes the best baits BETTER.

Many Years ago, dough bait was originally invented to imitate the flavor of real trout hatchery food. Simply put, stocked trout have been raised to feed on HATCHERY PELLETS their entire lives, know the taste and absolutely love it. As a matter of fact, it’s all they know!! The problem: real hatchery trout food only comes in the shape and form of a hard dry pellet, and there is absolutely NO EFFECTIVE WAY to stick it on the hook and keep it there, making it practically IMPOSSIBLE to fish with. That is, Until Now… READ FULL STORY HERE

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