1. The yellowfin tuna bite broke wide open this week for the San Diego fleet. The bulk of this action is in Mexican waters for the three-quarter day and longer-trips. Some boats have posted five fish limits on these six to 22-pound fish, and the bite has been getting better by the day and moving north. The fish are already showing all the way to Catalina. For an update on the action, check for the latest reports on

2. The Lake Skinner and Lake Silverwood catfish bite share the No. 2 spot this week. Both have bene producing a lot of nice fish over the eight-pound mark. Early morning and late evening have been the best times to fish. For an update on these bites, check with the marina staff at each lake. For Skinner, call 951-926-8515. For Silverwood, call 760-389-2299.

3. Staying in the top picks yet another week, the Crowley Lake trout bite remains simply one of the best bets in the whole region. Ten to 20-fish days are still likely, and the quality remains 2 1/2 to 4 pound fish. The action is for fly-anglers fishing midge patterns under an indicator and casting perch minnow imitations along weed beds. Cutthroats, rainbows, and browns are all in the mix. For an update on this action, check with the Troutfitter in Mammoth Lakes at 760-934-2517.



TROUT: In the Eastern Sierra Nevada the trout bite has been fair to good this past week at most waters in the region. The best bet is still Crowley Lake, which has continued to be very good for fly-anglers fishing midge and perch fry patterns. There is also a good bite Bridgeport Reservoir, Twin Lakes out of Bridgeport, Virginia Lakes, Silver Lake in the June Lake loop, Convict Lake, and Lake Sabrina. In Southern California, Big Bear Lake is one of the only bets, and it is slow to fair but improving. Green Valley Lake perked after a plant two weeks ago and remains fair. Jenks Lake has been very consistent for DFW stocker-size fish, but no plants for two weeks. In San Diego County, Cuyamaca is slow.

BLACK BASS: The action is fair across the region with the bass up chasing baitfish early and late in the day. Top bets are Lower Otay, San Vicente, El Capitan, Skinner, Perris, Diamond Valley, Silverwood, Puddingstone, Pyramid, Castaic, and Casitas. On the Colorado River, the bites are fair in Havasu and Mohave along with the lower river backwaters. Smallmouth have also been fair to good in the lower Colorado River, but there is just no fishing pressure.

STRIPED BASS: The California aqueduct near Taft is still fair on frozen sardines and blood worms, but most of the fish are small and the moss presents a serious fishing problem. The striper action was generally fair most other places this past week, with Castaic, Pyramid, Skinner, and Silverwood all fair with flurries of very good action. Lots of small fish at all three, but Castaic has consistently been producing double digit fish over the past week. Diamond Valley is also finally showing signs of life with a couple of quality stripers again this past week in the 10-pound class. The best action at all the lakes has been to fish jerk baits in boils or resort to cut baits or lug worms once the fish go deep. Fly-trolling is also a good bet. The Colorado River’s Lake Havasu and Lake Mohave are both fair with an occasional fish to 10 pounds. Light fishing pressure with the heat.

PANFISH: The bluegill and redear bites are fair all over the region, but getting little fishing pressure. Top bets for bluegill and/or redear are Lower Otay, Lake Perris, El Capitan, Lake Murry, Castaic Lake and Lagoon, Diamond Valley Lake, Lake Havasu, and Topoc Gorge. Not much in the way of crappie anywhere right now.

CATFISH: Overall, the catfish bites have been fair to good across the region. Some nice catches at Skinner, but Elsinore, Silverwood, and Diamond Valley are nearly as good. The lower Colorado River is fair for both the channel and flathead catfish in the main river channel, but the backwaters are slow because of very warm water conditions.



The following waters are scheduled to be planted with rainbow trout from Department of Fish and Wildlife hatcheries this week (Sept. 10-16):

SAN BERNARDINO: Big Bear Lake, Santa Ana River, South Fork Santa Ana River.

INYO: Owens River (below Tinnemaha and section 2), Pleasant Valley Reservoir, Rock Creek Lake.

MONO: Convict Lake, Ellery Lake, George Lake, June Lake, Lee Vining Creek (South Fork), Little Walker River, Mamie Lake, Mary Lake, Molybdenite Creek, Rock Creek (sections 1 and 2), Saddlebag Creek (Lee Vining Creek), Saddlebag Lake, Tioga Lake, Trumble Lake, Twin Lakes (Mammoth), Virginia Lakes (upper and lower), West Walker River (sections 2 and 3).

KERN: Kern River (sections 4 and 5).

TULARE: Kern River (sections 5 and 6).

FRESNO: Kings River (below Pine Flat Dam).


The following waters are tentatively scheduled to be planted next week (Sept. 17-23):

SAN BERNARDINO: Lytle Creek (Middle and North forks).

INYO: Bishop Creek (lower), Lake Sabrina, Lone Pine Creek, South Lake.

MONO: Buckeye Creek, Convict Creek, Deadman Creek, Glass Creek, Grant Lake, Gull Lake, Lee Vining Creek, Lundy Lake, Mammoth Creek, McGee Creek, Mill Creek, Owens River (section 3), Robinson Creek, Rush Creek, Sherwin Creek, Silver Lake, Upper Twin Lake (Bridgeport), Lower Twin Lake (Bridgeport), Virginia Creek.

FRESNO: Kings River (below Pine Flat Dam).


The following waters were planted last week (Sept. 3-9):

SAN BERNARDINO: Lytle Creek (Middle and North forks).

INYO: Bishop Creek (lower), Lake Sabrina, Lone Pine Creek, South Lake.

MONO: Buckeye Creek, Convict Creek, Deadman Creek, Glass Creek, Grant Lake, Gull Lake, Lee Vining Creek, Lundy Lake, Mammoth Creek, McGee Creek, Mill Creek, Owens River (section 3), Robinson Creek, Rush Creek, Sherwin Creek, Silver Lake, Upper Twin Lake (Bridgeport), Lower Twin Lake (Bridgeport), Virginia Creek.

FRESNO: Kings River (below Pine Flat Dam).


For trout plants statewide, you can visit the DFW’s stocking page at This page is frequently updated after this news report is published so current week, next week’s, and even previous week’s plant information may change.



The bass bite is fair with the topwater action at all four lakes early and late in the day. At Santa Margarita, the bass have been fair on plastics and reaction baits, especially topwater, but the bluegill and crappie bites are both good on Crappie Nibbles and jigs or worms. Lopez has a fair to good bass bite, especially early on topwater baits, with panfish action also fair to good on small baits. All San Antonio parks and ramps are open. Few fishing reports information. At Nacimiento, the spotted bass action is fair, with a lot of fish on plastics and reaction baits early and late in the day. Fish are mostly in deeper water.



LAKE ISABELLA: The catfish bite continues to be fair to good. Most of the action is in the South Fork arm of the lake. Frozen shad, minnows, clams, dip baits, and other cut baits have been the best. Fish to six pounds or better. There continue to be a very few reports or crappie for hard-working float tube or boat anglers fishing flooded trees for four or five fish per day. The fish are mostly in the 1-8 to 3-0 class but the bite is tough. Most of the action has been on small minnows or small jigs topped with Crappie Nibbles. Everything else is very slow in the lake. A few trout reports have come in from where the Kern enters in the old cemetery area. A few carp and some small bluegill. For fishing information: Bob’s Bait 661-833-8657 or or North Fork Marina at 760-376-1812.

KERN RIVER: The trout bite in the upper river above Isabella has been very good. The flows have finally dropped to around 600 cfs, and planted trout have spread out along the river and are showing in good numbers on crickets, salmon eggs, and nightcrawlers. More and more fish on spinners, too. Trout plants went into sections 4, 5, and 6 this week. The lower Kern is still nearly very high through the canyon but coming down each day and it is becoming more fishable. A few more trout are showing in the quieter pools. Fly anglers fishing the upper 20-mile stretch are seeing good action on wild fish, especially on stripped streamers. Information: Kern River Fly Shop 760-376-2040 or ( or Gateway Market 760-376-2424.

AQUEDUCT NEAR TAFT: Light fishing pressure with the heat and moss growth, but the striper and catfish bites remain fair. Lots of small stripers under the keeper size, but also some keepers. The striper bite is best on sardines, blood and lug worms, or anchovies. Almost no fish on artificials. Fair action on catfish with both mackerel and sardines producing. A few carp are also showing. No largemouth reports. Anglers are reminded the limit on stripers is two fish greater than 18 inches, while the largemouth limit is five fish. Information: Bob’s Bait 661-833-8657 or

MILL CREEK PARK AND CANAL: A few catfish reported on nightcrawlers, and a fair carp bite on dough baits.

RIVER WALK PARK LAKE: Fair to good bluegill action on meal worms, red worms, crickets, and nigthcrawler pieces. Carp have been fair to good on Powder and Wussy baits. Very few bass. Information: Bob’s Bait at 661-833-8657.

HART PARK LAKE: The carp bite has been good on dough baits, especially the locally-made Wussy’s Poor Man’s Bait and Powder Bait. Also a pretty fair bluegill bite on meal worms and crickets. Bass pretty slow with only a few early and late in the day on plastics or reaction baits. Other species slow.

TRUXTUN LAKE: There is fair to good action on bluegill, and meal worms, wax worms, red worms, crickets, and nightcrawler pieces are the best baits for the ëgills. The carp bite is fair to good on dough baits, while bass are slow. Few other reports.

MING LAKE: The carp bite has been fair to good on dough and paste baits, especially Powder Bait and Wussy’s. The bluegill bite is also fair to good on meal worms. Slow other species, with only the occasional bass reported.

BRITE LAKE: No reports.

BUENA VISTA LAKES: Light fishing pressure, but there continues to be a fair bluegill bite and fair action on small catfish. Both are showing on meal worms. Few reports of other species this past week. Fishing information: Bob’s Bait 661-833-8657 or


SUCCESS LAKE: The bluegill bite remains fair to good with fish to a pound still showing on meal worms and wax worms. The bass bite is fair to good, but most of the fish are small, and they are showing plastics and reaction baits in six to 18 feet of water early and late and then deeper the rest of the day. Information: Sequoia Fishing Company at 559-539-5626,

KAWEAH LAKE: The bass are fair on plastics and topwater or reaction baits early in the day. Most are two- to three-pounders, but some bigger fish. A few bluegill reports, but little else. Launch ramp open. Information: Sierra Sporting Goods at 559-592-5212.



GENERAL UPDATE: Anglers should check the regulations. Many waters have special restrictions. Top Eastern Sierra fishing report web sites are: (Bridgeport region),, and

TOP FISHING NEWS: Fair to good action throughout the Eastern Sierra. The best bites are listed by region.

In the Bridgeport region, Bridgeport Reservoir, Virginia Lakes, and Lower Twin Lake remain the hot spots with all seeing pretty good action. Bridgeport has continued very good for bait anglers fishing Buckeye Bay with fish to seven pounds reported. Lower Twin has had some quality trout, including an 8-8 brown this week. But both Twins and the Virginia Lakes have been solid producers of pan-sized fish. The East Walker is down to 300 cfs, which is an excellent fishing flow and the bite is pretty good in the upper mile stretch below the dam, but slows the further downstream you go. Nymphing and stream fishing is the way to go.

In the June Lake region, all of the lakes and streams have been fishing pretty well this week. Silver Lake has produced a few limits and fish, most pan-sized, but some bigger and the water level is finally coming down. The best action has been in deeper water or at the stream inlets at first light for fly and fly-bubble anglers. Planted rainbow action has been good at all the lakes with the stockers showing on garlic PowerBait, inflated nightcrawlers, Mice Tails, Pinched Crawlers, and a wide variety of small trout jigs. Trollers are mostly working five to six colors of leadcore in Gull, Silver, Grant, and as deep as nine colors in June. Needlefish and Tasmanian Devils, and small Rapalas have been best. The fly-bubble rig is also been working early and late when the trout are on top, especially at the walk-in lakes of Fern, Gem, Parker, and Little Walker lakes. Grant has been the best spot for a bigger brown trout, but the water level has been falling. Float tube fly anglers are doing best early in the day at the creek inlets on dries and emergers near weed beds in all the lakes. Gull and Silver have been best for fly anglers. Rush Creek is finally coming down and very fishable and producing quite a few rainbows and browns on nightcrawlers and small lures.

In the Mammoth region, Crowley Lake remains the hotspot with good fly action on midge and small perch fry patterns. Lots of quality fish topping four pounds, but most 16 to 20 inches and running 1-8 to 3-0. The 20 to 40 fish days of the past few weeks have ebbed into 10 to 20 fish days for boat- or tube-based fly anglers. Convict Lake has been pretty consistent with fish to three pounds with some bigger fish landed each week. The inlets and outlet are still the best spots to fish. The Rock Creek drainage has been fair to good, and the high country above Rock Creek Lake has very good action on small fish. Other waters in this region are slow to fair except right after DFW plants.

In the Bishop region, the entire Bishop Creek drainage, including Sabrina, Intake 2, Cardinal Pond, Ron’s Pond, Weir Pond, South Lake, and both forks of Bishop Creek, has been fair to good. At Sabrina, the trout action is good at the inlets for shoreline bait anglers and trollers are also getting limits, but it is taking a little more work. Intake II and North Lake are fair to good on both baits and lures. South Lake is still fair at best. The lower Owens River remains very high and difficulty to fish.

NOTEABLE CATCHES: At Silver Lake, Jim Annos of Ridgecrest landed a 6-10 rainbow from a boat on an orange Pinched Crawler.

BRIDGEPORT REGION: Information: Ken’s Sporting Goods 760-932-7707 or

JUNE LAKE LOOP-LEE VINING REGION: Information: Silver Lake Resort at 760-648-7726 or at or Ernie’s Tackle at 760-648-7756.

MAMMOTH AREA: Information: The Troutfitter at 760-934-2517.

BISHOP AND BIG PINE AREA: Fishing information: Culver’s Sporting Goods 760-872-8361, Sierra Drifters Guide Service 760-935-4250, or Sierra Trout Magnet Fly Shop 760-873-0010.

INDEPENDENCE TO LONE PINE AREA: Check trout plants list for waters planted recently.



SALTON SEA: Very slow. Between heat and afternoon winds, the tilapia bite has been non-existent with only a few small tilapia to 10 inches reported. The bite is still all on nightcrawler pieces, and the main jetty at the state park is the only place with any pressure. Anglers can call the state park to get the latest information. The water level is still so low that launching is nearly impossible except for small boats (boaters should check with the main office at the recreation area before bringing a boat). The camp store is open Friday through Sunday. Information: Camp Store at 760-289-9455 (open Friday-Sunday). Salton Sea State Recreation Area main office at 760-393-3059, or the ranger station kiosk at 760-393-3052 (or mobile phone at 760-331-9944).



ARIZONA FISHING REPORTS: The Arizona Game and Fish Department compiles a weekly report for most waters in the state, including the Colorado Rivers. Anglers can read the report at this direct link:

FLOW INFORMATION: Reservoir elevation levels and flow releases for the entire lower Colorado River are available at this web site with information updated hourly:

TOP NEWS: Fishing pressure remains relatively light, but it is finally picking up as the weather starts to moderate. There continues to be fair to good action for most species. In Havasu and Mohave, the surface bite on stripers is pretty good most mornings, and there are pretty good bites for largemouth, smallmouth, and panfish, too. The black bass, both smallmouths and largemouth, are up chasing baitfish early and late in the day. Most of the action is in less than 20 feet of water early and late, but the fish are in deeper water during most of the day. Still, the surface and near-surface action on topwater and reaction baits has been the best top bet early and then plastics, deeper-running cranks, and swimbaits later. The bluegill and redear bites slowed way down, especially in the backwaters, because of high water temperatures. All the lakes and backwaters the whole length of the river are producing a lot of tiny panfish, but quality fish are hard to find. There are a few quality redear in Havasu and Topoc Gorge with fish to three pounds but the bite is pretty tough. The flathead catfish bite in the lower river has been slow to fair in the main river, and deadly slow in the backwaters. A few fish to 18 pounds have been reported from the main river. The bite has been all on live bluegill or goldfish. The channel catfish bite is also good in the main river stretches, but also in all the reservoirs. Less so in backwaters, which are very warm. The first trout plants of the season in the Laughlin/Bullhead City stretch of the river went in last week, and another plant went in this week. Good action on spinners and PowerBait for the pan-sized rainbows.

WILLOW BEACH: Information: Willow Beach Resort at 928-767-4747.

LAKE MOHAVE: Information: Cottonwood Cove at 702-297-1464, Katherine’s Landing at 928-754-3245.

LAUGHLIN-BULLHEAD AREA: Information: Riviera Marina at 928-763-8550.

NEEDLES-TOPOC REGION: Information: Phil’s Western Trader at 928-768-4954 or Capt. Doyle’s Fun Fishing guide service at 928-768-2667.

LAKE HAVASU: Information: Bass Tackle Master at 928-854-2277.

BLYTHE: Information: B&B Bait 760-921-2248.

PALO VERDE: Information: Walter’s Camp 760-854-3322 Wednesday through Sunday.

PICACHO-MARTINEZ LAKE AREA: Information: 928-783-9589 Thursday through Monday or



NEWS/STOCKING UPDATES: Catfish stocking season is over. Trout plants won’t begin until November or December at most water. At Wohlford, the lake/park is currently closed on weekdays. It will remain open on weekends, and it will re-open for weekday fishing in December with the opening of trout season.

FISHING UPDATE: The bluegill and redear action remains fair at Otay and San Vicente. Most are hand-sized, weighing less than a half-pound, but some bigger. Also still slow to fair action on bluegill at Miramar, Murray, Hodges, and El Capitan. Tilapia are being reported at Hodges in the bluegill bite. The bass action remains fair at most waters in the region. Lower Otay has been good, especially on topwater baits. San Vicente, El Capitan, Sutherland, and and Hodges also remain slow to fair on bass, with topwater action most mornings and evenings. Trout are slow at Cuyamaca, except for the occasional fish from deep water. Catfish season is in full swing but overall light fishing pressure.

FISH COUNTS: The San Diego City Lakes staff usually conducts counts each week at its reservoirs. This past week, there were 31 anglers checked at Barrett Lake, and they reported 134 bass. At El Capitan, 101 anglers reported 151 bass. At Hodges, 46 anglers reported 36 bass, 11 bluegill, and six channel catfish. At Miramar, the 17 anglers checked had 38 bass to just over four pounds, three bluegill to a pounds, and one near-seven-pound catfish. At Murray, 32 anglers had just eight bass. At Lower Otay, 94 anglers caught 238 bass to 4.65 pounds and 152 bluegill to a pounds. At San Vicente, 26 anglers reported 75 bass and 37 bluegill. At Sutherland, 19 anglers had 24 bass and one bluegill.

NOTEABLE CATCHES: At Murray, Justin Hafer, Santee, landed a five-pound bass on a crankbait, while Jason Montgomery, San Diego, landed catfish at nine and six pounds fishing mackerel off the fishing pier. At Hodges, Rodger Goodwin, Poway, had a mixed stringer of eight bluegill and tilapia to three-quarter pound.

BARRETT: Weekly fish counts: Lake information: 619-465-3474 or

HODGES: Weekly fish counts: Information: 760-432-2023.

EL CAPITAN: Weekly fish counts: Rental boat and concession information: 619-443-4110.

LOWER OTAY: Weekly fish counts: Information: 619-465-3474 or Rental boat and concession information: 619-397-5212.

UPPER OTAY: Weekly fish counts: Lake information: 619-465-3474. Concession: 619-397-5212.

MURRAY: Weekly fish counts: Lake information: 619-466-4847 or Concession: 619-466-4847.

MIRAMAR: Weekly fish counts: Marina concession: 858-527-1722. General information: 619-465-3474 or

SAN VICENTE: Weekly fish counts: Marina concession: 619-390-1918. General information: 619-465-3474 or

SUTHERLAND: Weekly fish counts: Lake information: 619-465-3474 or Rental boat reservations: 619-668-2050 or

WOHLFORD: Lake information: 760-839-4346 or

DIXON: Lake information: 760-839-4680 or

POWAY: Lake information: 858-668-4772, tackle shop recording 858-486-1234, or

JENNINGS: Information: 619-390-1300 or

MORENA: Information: 24-hour fishing update line 619-478-5473, ranger station 619-579-4101, or

CUYAMACA: Information: 760-765-0515 or

HENSHAW: Information: 760-782-3501.



CACHUMA: Overall light fishing pressure and slow action. The bite on catfish and bass are the best bets, but they both have been fair at best. Only an occasional crappie is being reported. Trout are very slow with only the occasional fish showing from deep water (80-plus feet) near the dam. But there are lots of small bluegill around most shorelines. Carp bowfishing permits are available at the entrance gate, and quite a few carp are near the surface. Private boats must be inspected for quagga mussels and face a 30-day dry dock requirement before being allowed to launch. For quagga mussel and the boat launching information, log on at The marina is open with rental boats available. The boat launch remains open, but boats must get a quagga mussel inspection. Information: 805-688-4040.

CASITAS: The bass and catfish bites are both pretty fair. The bass have been best on topwater, plastics, nightcrawlers, and reaction baits early and late in the day, but they move deep during the day and the action slows way down. The catfish have been best on nightcrawlers and cut baits in most of the coves and off points. The bluegill and redear bites are fair but getting light fishing pressure and most of the panfish are small. The trout action has been slow with few anglers targeting the rainbows. No recent plants. A few anglers targeting carp in recent days have done very well with dough baits on fish to 10-plus pounds. Bowfishing is allowed here for carp and they continue to show on the surface most mornings. Carp bowfisherman may only shoot from a boat after 8 a.m., and lake staff must approve bows. The last general night fishing weekend will be Sept. 7-9, this Thursday through Saturday. The lake will be open until 11 p.m. these days. The last night bass tournament on the RTF Bass Tour will be held this Saturday, Sept. 16. Call Rich Tauber at 818-439-1154 on the night tournament schedule and entry information. Private boats must be inspected for quagga mussels and face a 35-day dry dock requirement before being allowed to launch. The Santa Ana boat launch is open. Information: 805-649-2043 or

CASTAIC: The striped bass have been boiling at lot over the past week and there has been some good quality fish in this bite. Topwater baits, surface rip baits, live shad (if you can dip some), and spoons are all getting stripers to 10 pounds when they boil, but the shad, sardines, and blood worms are also working on deeper, metered fish when the fish aren’t up. The largemouths and smallmouths are also up chasing shad morning and evening, but the bite is just fair. Reaction baits are best early and late, but some bigger fish showing on jigs in deeper water. The bluegill bite remains good in both the upper and lower lakes, but the weed beds continue to be troublesome. Tons of small fish, but some bigger fish to a pound and meal worms are the top bait, but red worms, nightcrawler pieces, crickets, and wax worms also good. Trout are slow, with no recent plants and none likely until winter. A few catfish reports on quality fish, but the fish are few and far between. Few anglers targeting the cats. For information call the marina at 661-775-6232 ( or Tackle Express at 661-251-8700.

PIRU: Slow to fair bite on largemouth and smallmouth bass but the warm weather and dropping water levels has moved the fish into deeper water. There has been a topwater bite during a narrow window early in the day. Most of the bass are in the one to three-pound range. Bluegill, crappie, and catfish are slow to fair. Best action on bluegill is in four to 12 feet on wax worms or crickets. The launch ramp is open. Rental boats are also available. Information: gatehouse at 805-521-1500 (or at or call Tackle Express at 661-251-8700.

PYRAMID: The striper bite is fair to good with a lot of fish showing on topwater early and then trolled flies and swim baits later. They are boiling on shad most mornings and then on the bait in deeper water later in the day. Trolling with umbrella rigs or jigging spoons has been the best bet when they move deer. Most are one to three pounds now with some bigger. Largemouth and smallmouth bass action has been fair and improving. A lot of fish up chasing baitfish morning and evening, and them move deeper during the day. The best bite has been on topwater baits early and then reaction baits, plastics and jigs. There is a fair catfish bite with the fish moving shallow. Bluegill and redear are fair to good in 10 to 18 feet of water on wax worms and red worms. Trout slow with no recent DFW plants. There is a health warning about eating fish from Pyramid Lake (except the rainbow trout). More information at this link: Information: Emigrant Landing entrance booth at 661-295-7155 or Tackle Express at 661-251-8700.

LOS ANGELES/ORANGE COUNTY PARK NEWS: For trout plants, see the list in this report or go to the DFW website ( for any updates and future plants.



LAKE HEMET: No recent trout plants and few reports. There is a pretty good bite on small bluegill and bullheads. Carp bowfishing is allowed Monday through Thursday but bow fishermen must check in first. Information: Lake Hemet campground 951-659-2680.

LAKE FULMOR AREA: No recent DFW trout plants at Fulmor Lake or Strawberry Creek. Information: 951-659-2117.


SANTA ANA RIVER LAKES: Catfish action is good. Catfish plants are weekly. Information: 714-632-7851 or log on at

IRVINE LAKE: The lake is closed and will be for at least the immediate future.

LAGUNA NIGUEL LAKE: No report. There are no fishing fees this season, only the $5 parking fee on weekends (or $3 during the week). For more information, 949-923-2240 or go to



DIAMOND VALLEY: The bluegill and largemouth bites are both fair. The bass are steady with good action on topwater, cranks, and swimbaits early in the morning, and a lot of fish have been up into the five and six-pound range. The bluegill are running up to a pound, and they have been best on wax worms, meal worms, red worms, and other small baits, and the top spots have been the ladders on the dams for boat anglers and the second cove to the right of the marina for shore anglers. The catfish bite is slow to fair with little pressures. Best bite on nightcrawlers, anchovies, and mackerel along the dam and in most coves. Striped bass have been slow, but a few are showing for fly-trollers, but this bite continues to be tough. Private boats must be inspected to be quagga mussel-free and boats certified at Lake Perris and Lake Skinner will be accepted here. For general lake and launch information, call 800-590-LAKE. For fishing and boat rental info call the marina at 951-926-7201 or or Last Chance Bait and Tackle at 951-658-7410 or

PERRIS: Overall slow to fair fishing this past week. Some improvement in the last day or two. The bluegill bite has been the best bet morning and evening. Top spots for the ëgills have been the outside edges of the weed beds, especially off the island, lots 11 and 12, and Sail Cove. Also some bluegll and redear off the marina docks. Red worms, wax worms, crickets, and nightcrawler pieces are the best baits. Matthew Jones, Menifee, had a one-pound redear on a nightcrawler piece at the west corner of the dam. The bass are fair and improving, mostly showing on plastics, reaction baits, and topwater, with most 1-8 to 2-8. A few carp are showing on dough baits in the east end, along all the parking lots, the marina area, and Sail Cove. The reconstruction of the Lake Perris dam is ongoing and scheduled to be done by early next year. During the process, the entire dam and Bernasconi Beach side of the lake, including the Bernasconi Beach parking area, will be closed to public access. (The closure includes the bicycle trail on the east side of the lake.) The recreation area remains open, including access for fishing, boating, camping, and hiking. The west side of the lake will remain open. Private boats must be inspected for zebra and quagga mussels. Boats with wet lower units will be turned away. Boats inspected and tagged at Silverwood or Diamond Valley will also be allowed at Perris. Information: marina 951-657-2179, state park 951-940-5600.

SKINNER: The catfish bite has continued good on cut baits along Catfish Alley and at Ramp No. 2. Lots of nice pan-sized fish from two to four pounds, and fish over eight pounds reported each week. Top cat this week was a 10.2-pounder landed by Mario Maritino, Menifee, on sardines off the south shore. Tiffany Connell, Chula Vista, landed a 9.2-pounder on mackerel. The largemouth bite has been fair with most of the fish on plastics and some on topwater. The stripers remain mostly slow but a few are showing at the inlet or off mid-lake points on sardines or chicken liver. Phil Yang Chung, Hemet, had a nine-pound striper on a shad at the inlet. The bluegill bite is slow to fair, with a fair number of smaller fish around reeds and other cover along the north shore. Wax worms, crickets, and meal worms have been top baits. Carp are getting little pressure, but the bite has been good on dough baits in Catfish Alley and along the south shore. Information: store 951-926-1505, marina 951-926-8515, entrance kiosk 951-926-1541.

ELSINORE: No report. For fishing information, call William’s Bait, Tackle, and Boat Rental at 951-642-0640 or go to

CORONA: Due to operational and environmental restrictions, it’s not likely it will reopen for fishing anytime soon. Information:

FISHERMAN’S RETREAT: Information: 909-795-0171 or on Facebook at



HESPERIA LAKE: No report. No plant information available. Information: 800-521-6332 or 760-244-5951.

JESS RANCH LAKES: Trout bite continues slow, but cooler temperatures have improved things a little. A few trout around two pounds are showing on PowerBait in salmon peach, garlic, and rainbow. Nightcrawlers or small trout jigs and plastics are also working. The bass bite has been slow to fair with fish to four pounds reported, and the bluegill action is fair and a few catfish are also being landed. For more information call (760)240-1107 or go to

MOJAVE NARROWS: County catfish season is ongoing and plants are weekly. Last plant will be week of Sept. 18. Information, call 760-245-2226.



SILVERWOOD: The best action has been on catfish and stripers off the dock with some quality fish of both species showing. Both are showing on anchovies, sardines, and glow-nightcrawlers. Lots of two to three-pound fish and some bigger. Tops this past week was a 10-pound striper caught by Trevor Williams, Hesperia, on a glow-worm. An eight-pound catfish was landed by Noah Nelson, Apple Valley on a nightcrawler. The bluegill bite is fair off the marina rocks and at the dam. Most are hand-sized and showing on meal works or small jigs tipped with Crappie Nibbles. The largemouth bite is improving with cooler evenings and showing on small cranks and plastics, especially in Miller Canyon. Trout are mostly slow, but a few are showing for persistent bait anglers tossing PowerBait or inflated nightcrawlers in Cleghorn or Miller canyons. Anglers should be aware of health advisories for the consumption of fish from this lake because of high PCB and mercury levels in the fish flesh and skin. Here’s the direct link to a PDF brochure explaining consumption recommendations: Dock fishing is allowed for $3 for adults, $2 for kids and seniors. Private boats must be inspected for zebra and quagga mussels. Boats with wet lower units will be turned away. Boats inspected and tagged at Diamond Valley and Perris will be allowed at Silverwood. The park is open seven days a week. Information: marina 760-389-2299, state park 760-389-2281, Silverwood Country store 760-389-2423.

BIG BEAR LAKE: The trout and bass bites continue to improve with cooler evenings. Water clarity and dissolved oxygen levels also continued to improve. A few trout are showing for shoreline anglers fishing on the North Shore from Old Gray’s Landing to the Buoy Line (Red House) near the dam. Dough baits and inflated ëcrawlers fished on a three to four foot leader or a slip-bobber rig in deeper water. Boat anglers are either trolling very slowly with flashers and lures or drifting a nightcrawler on a slip-bobber rig mid-lake the buoy line to Gilner Point at depths of 12 to 25 feet. Early morning is best for shore or boat trout fishing. DFW trout were planted last week and slated for next week. A few catfish are showing on cutbaits with added scent, and the panfish action is finally starting to show, especially in Papoose Bay, but the bite is still iffy. The bite on bullheads is wide open along all shorelines areas. For updated fishing information: Big Bear Sporting Goods at 909-866-3222 or visit the store’s Facebook page.

GREGORY LAKE: No report. No recent DFW trout plants. Lake, derby, and fishing information at 909-338-2233 or on the website at

GREEN VALLEY LAKE: There was a 1,500-pound plant of Jess Ranch rainbow trout two weeks ago, and the fish continue to show in fair numbers on both points and at the dam. Fly anglers are also doing well in this area on small midges fished under an indicator. Crappie are slow to fair, and a few largemouth bass are still showing. Lake staff is again giving away t-shirts for every trout six pounds or bigger, and there is a crappie raffle at the end of the season for everyone who catches (and keeps) from 15 up to the limit of 25 crappie and checks in at the boat house. Fees are $15 per adult, $10 for kids, seniors, veterans, and active duty military. Information: 909-867-2009 and the website is

JENKS LAKE REGION: Jenks Lake was planted with DFW rainbows two and four weeks ago. The forest service parking area is open. The Santa Ana River and the South Fork of the Santa Ana were both planted last week and three weeks ago. For information, call the Mill Creek Visitor Center Tuesday through Monday (closed Tuesday and Wednesday) at 909-382-2882 or the San Bernardino National Forest main office line at 909-382-2600.



1. The San Diego ocean fishing is still the top pick. The boats running south into Mexican waters are getting a nice mix of yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, and dorado. The boats running west have found bigger numbers of bluefin tuna this week, but they are smaller bluefin from 10 to 15 pounds. Check on the latest fish counts at with great counts of fish, usually limits of yellowtail. Check with for the latest counts.

2. The Lake Skinner catfish bite is staying in the top picks because of the volume of nice catfish being landed, including more fish this week topping 10 pounds. The action has been best on at Ramp No. 2 and all along the south shore coves. Early morning and late evening have been the best times to fish. For an update on the bite, check with the marina staff at 951-926-8515.

3. Refusing to give up a spot in the top picks, Crowley Lake’s incredible trout bite just won’t seem to go away this year for the fly-fishing crowd. While the bite is mostly cutthroats up to 20 inches or better, a lot of anglers are still posting Crowley Lake Slams (a cutthroat, rainbows, and brown trout on the same trip). The bite has been almost exclusively on midge patterns fished under an indicator or stripped perch minnow imitations. For an update on this action, check with the Troutfitter in Mammoth Lakes at 760-934-2517.